Solar Screens

Custom-Made Solar Screens and Retractable Shades

There are various ways of keeping the summer heat out of your home or office. However, it often leads to wearing out your air conditioning units. With solar screens, you can easily block out the sunlight and increase your cooling system’s efficiency.


Block the Heat Not the View

The solar screens at Half-Price Solar Screens & Elegant Interiors can protect your home and help you save on air conditioning electric costs by blocking the sun’s heat and UV rays before they enter through your windows.


My products are designed to improve and beautify the look of your home or office. Aside from that, its heat-blocking feature helps cut your electric bill. The screen also provides your home with more privacy and therefore protecting your valuable investment.

To ensure quality and 100% customer satisfaction, all products purchased undergo a quality assurance inspection before and after installation.

Energy-Efficient SunTex Solar Screens

The chart shows a window with brown SunTex installed. During midsummer, over 230 BTUs can fall on each unprotected square foot of glass. But with SunTex, up to 90% of the sun’s heat and glare are reflected, absorbed, and dissipated before it strikes the window.

standard colors

There are many other benefits of having Phifer SunTex solar screens on your home. These include:

  • Providing a full vision from inside with daytime privacy from outside
  • Letting in soft light and breezes
  • Protection against fading and sun rot
  • Providing daytime privacy
  • Reducing glare

Master View Roll-A-Way Shades

The great thing about the Master View Roll-A-Way shades is their outward visibility while offering privacy. Made from Phifer SunTex fabric, Master View Roll-A-Way shades can offer exterior or interior protection to homes and businesses.

These shades come in several standard and designer colors to match any application. The Phifer SunTex 80 and 90 are excellent for storefronts, sunrooms, decks, patios, balconies, and for use on windows, doors, and porches.